Who we are and what we do


In response to the lack of youth platform and funds to support youth philanthropy and innovations in Africa, Global Alliance for Development Foundation (GADeF), Nexus Africa and Self Help Foundation (SHF) began consultative discussions with regional youth philanthropy networks, youth-led and youth-focused foundations and African Grantmakers Network (AGN) which resulted in the convening of the first African Youth in Philanthropy (AYP) Conference in Arusha, Tanzania on 29th June, 2015. It was a 2-day interactive conference hosted with 35 youth delegates from over 8 African countries and the Diaspora ahead of the African Grantmakers Network Assembly held in Arusha, Tanzania as well. The Conference’s theme; ‘African Youth in Philanthropy: Participation, Policies and Practices’ hinted on a prime objective for youth-focused policies, practices and broader inclusiveness in Africa’s development agenda. The outcome of the conference highlighted the formal launch of the African Youth in Philanthropy Network


“Towards a transformative Leadership, and sustainable African Youth philanthropy”.


We envision to become the platform for shaping an agenda for African youth Philanthropy by enhancing policies and practices through coordination, knowledge sharing and capacity building of African Youth philanthropic organizations.


i. The primary objective of the Network is to develop and support African Youth philanthropy projects and initiatives which  serve  to  empower youth  and  enhance  the  effectiveness  of  their efforts.

ii. Enhance awareness and knowledge of youth philanthropy in Africa

iii. Reinforce African philanthropy through effective Policy development around philanthropy works and documentation of good practices and institutionalization where deemed desirable.

iv. Advocate for long-term and sustainable support, including investments and endowments for African philanthropic Youth institutions.

v. Conduct and disseminate  research  to  fill  critical  knowledge  gaps  on  various identified thematic focus areas in African philanthropy.

vi. Serve as a  link  between  the next-generation of philanthropist and African  philanthropy support foundations and networks, private sector, Inter-governmental  bodies  and  African  governments  in  enabling  African youth in philanthropy to gain recognition and space to make quantifiable impact on African development at all levels.

vii. Organise, Conduct and Coordinate National, sub-regional, Continental Conferences (Virtual and/or face-to-face) with the view to enhancing meaningful participation of African  CSOs,  academics,  researchers,  entrepreneurs  in  generating  common positions  or  issue  papers  aimed at effectively   engaging  African  Governments  to reform policies that impact on indigenous philanthropy